The Art of Wax Seals

By Kathryn Hastings

Starting Date : 17 Sept 2022

Fees : HK$ 740 or US$ 95

Workshop Description

In this workshop, Kathryn Hastings will teach everything she knows about the art of wax seals. She starts with the most foundational techniques of supplies and how to get the “perfect” seals. From here, she’ll teach advanced artistic techniques she’s developed over the course of her career as an artist. After the program, you’ll come away with a good understanding of all artistic techniques, and get a feel for how to create unique designs of your own drawing from your own inspiration.

Class 01 : The Foundational Skills

  • Basic techniques and supplies

  • Melting spoons

  • Wax guns

  • Pouring in different materials (paper, silicon, marble)

  • Caring for seals

  • Basics of wax marbling

  • Color choices and color mixing

  • Basics of painting (acrylics and enamel paints)

  • Safety & Cleaning Materials

  • Starting your antique collection

Class 02 : Advanced Techniques

  • Double poured Seals

  • Wedgwood Jasparware

  • Suminagashi Seals

  • Cut-out layered seals

  • Woven Seals

  • Zucchero Seals 

  • Bling (Stones, Pearls and other additions)

  • Smoke Seals

  • Finding Your Artistic Style

Note to Students

  •  This is a live online workshop via Zoom (please make sure you have a Zoom account to access the workshop)

  • All live sessions will be recorded and available for 60 days following the final class.

  • All recordings expires on Thursday, 01 December, 2022 at 12:00 pm Hong Kong Standard Time.

  • Student can submit homework to the discussion corner for Kathryn to critique.

  • Recommended supply list, handouts, zoom links and recordings are available on the workshop page three weeks (or as soon as practicable) before the first session. Click here for user guide on how to access your workshop page.

  • All workshop dates and times are according to the Hong Kong Standard Time. 

Workshop Schedule

Class 01

Saturday, 17 September, 2022

23:30 pm - 01:30 am (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Class 02

Saturday, 01 October, 2022

23:30 pm - 01:30 am (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Refund Policy

All sales are final and fees paid for the online workshop are non-refundable.