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Toni Watts

Toni Watts is an internationally recognised illuminator, one of the few artists still using traditional manuscript gilding skills. She spent a year as artist-in-residence at Lincoln Cathedral studying their collection of illuminated manuscripts and now creates new work incorporating medieval gilding techniques, often using hand ground pigments and gemstones in her work. She also has more than a decade’s experience of using modern, ‘off the shelf’ gilding sizes and enjoys pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with gold leaf.

She has painted all her life, has had a career as an award-winning wildlife artist and has pieces in private collections worldwide. She also has a Master’s degree in Art History. An experienced teacher, Toni has taught extensively throughout the UK, in Asia and Australia and online and has just completed a new book on practical illumination skills for The Crowood Press. Publication is due later this year.

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