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Tiziana Gironi

Tiziana Gironi was born, lives and works in Bologna. After high school she specialized at the "Higher School of Anatomical Drawing of the University of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bologna" and for some years she created anatomical tables for publishing specializing in medical-scientific publications. She drew for the ceramics industry and has published children's books with various Italian and foreign publishers. She dedicates herself to naturalistic illustration and for over twenty years she has been making her watercolors for the Villa Ghigi Foundation (Center for the conservation of nature, environmental protection and the teaching of natural sciences). Since 2008 she dedicated herself to miniature and teaching, She has just published ”Alfabeto Bestiale” She illuminated examples for the FMR - Marilena Ferrari Foundation including the "Deus Caritas Est" of the Holy Father Benedict XII and created the miniatures on the manual transcription of the National Hymns "In memory of Italy of Beauty" that the Presidency of the Italian Council of ministers donated to statesmen who attended the G8 Summit in L'Aquila.

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