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Telisa Roessein

Telisa, owner of Roessein Art, from Toronto, Canada has mastery in live personalization through calligraphy, engraving and illustration.

She has been drawing and painting since childhood. She started Roessein Art as a digital portrait artist in 2012 and then started calligraphy in 2018.

As an ESFP (The Entertainer), she had an “aha!” moment realizing that her HR career was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. She’s way better at dazzling folks with her art, turning ordinary moments into “wow, this is amazing!” experiences.

As a multiskilled artist, she juggles live events with her brushes, pointed pen and drill to elevate personalization experience for her clients. She has partnered with many notable brands like L’ancome, MAC Cosmetics, Guerlain, Gucci, Jo Malone London and more since 2019.

When she’s not wowing crowds live, you’ll find her indulging in the zen of slow art, with her two cats as her quirky, purring sidekicks. They’re not just pets; they’re her furry muses and occasional art critics!

She also has 2 courses under her belt: hand engraving course and bottle painting advanced course with Michelle. She’s also a co-host of Event Ready Podcast where she shares her experience and expertise on her rollercoaster life of being an event artist.

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