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Sabine Tack

Sabine Tack is a calligrapher from Munich, Germany. She started with calligraphy rather unexpectedly in late 2016 after suffering from a stroke. What was just meant to be a way of keeping her brain in a state of learning to support her overall recovery turned out to be one of Sabine’s passions - who would have known?!
She never looked back or put her nib holder down - quite literally as for her, there is no day without writing.
Actually, she likes it so much that she started a Podcast about it in 2018.

Loving the versatility of calligraphy, Sabine has studied several different hands and styles from teachers such as Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, Master Penman Vivian Mungall, Master Penman Michael Sull, Suzanne Cunningham, Heather Held, Yukimi Annand, Gabriela Soba, Gemma Black, Denis Brown, Marina Soria or Rachel Yallop, just to name a few.

Sabine has also studied several related arts and crafts such as illumination, illustration, watercolor works, bookbinding and making her own watercolors.

She started teaching calligraphy at IAMPETH online in 2022 and finds great joy in sharing her passion for writing with her students.

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