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Massimo Polello

Based in Turin, Italy, Massimo Polello has worked as a calligrapher for over twenty years. He has explored calligraphy’s classical and contemporary applications in visuals arts and graphic design. His work includes packaging design and signage; corporate branding; commercial, museums and personal logos; as well as executing his original designs on walls, in films and in art videos.

Massimo has exhibited and lead workshops in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, Pakistan, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England and Russia. He has worked on several short films, and has contributed to Graphicus, TipoItalia and Letters Arts Review magazines.

Polello has taught on the faculty of four international calligraphy conferences held in the United States. In collaboration with the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, he contributed to The Rijksbook, a prestigious limited edition book for the RIJKS MUSEUM in Amsterdam, and in 2009 Traité de la peinture-Extraits with Editions Alternatives Publisher of Paris.

Massimo Polello has also worked with artist and filmmaker Peter Greenaway on "Peopling the Palace," and with director Luca Ronconi on the installation of the 150thth Anniversary exhibition of the Unification of Italy, "La Bella Italia.” He is President of Turin’s calligraphers´ guild “Dal Segno alla Scrittura” and works in his Turin Studio, Gallery ABC Atelier.
Massimo sums up his approach to calligraphy best, "...Letters become a means to exist outside myself... going beyond the letters, captured by the sole need to see. They become signs, images, evocations, urgent needs, emotions."

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