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Martha Laurens

Martha Laurens is an educator, calligrapher and penman for Scribes and Beyond studio based in Sydney, Australia. She started her journey in oil painting in the 1990s in Indonesia. Her first exhibition on oil painting was done during the same time, then continued her passion for design in the fashion industry before continuing in western calligraphy in 2013 with cursive writing on her wedding day.

Her parents introduced her to fine art, calligraphy and cursive writing with the ornamental decoration on wedding cakes and stationery designs. Later in the mid of 2014, she started to teach modern calligraphy online for private, then entirely focused study in Traditional Spencerian Script, Ornamental Penmanship and Roundhand, Illuminated Manuscript design and traditional fine art painting.

In 2020, She was one of the first IAMPETH's Certificate recipients from Australia who received the Certification of Excellence for Spencerian and Certification of Proficiency for Border in 2021. She had taught in several countries for private groups include Indonesia, the USA, and Australia. In addition, she is also one of the first IAMPETH Virtual Instructors in 2021.

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