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Brody Neuenschwander

Brody Neuenschwander is a calligrapher and text artist working in a wide range of media, including canvas, collage, installations, film, video and performance pieces. Brody exhibits internationally and has won several prizes for his work. He has worked with film director Peter Greenaway on numerous films, operas and installations, including Prosperos’ Books and The Pillow Book. Brody conceived and helped produce a three-part documentary on the origins and future of writing, seen from a global perspective, for Arte Television and the BBC. The documentary was broadcast in 2020. Brody continues to explore new possibilities for contemporary calligraphy, including laser-cutting, performance pieces and virtual reality. For Brody, the story of calligraphy is just beginning. He sees a great future as calligraphers around the world join hands in a gesture of respect, peace and cultural generosity.

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