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Bel Mills

Bel Mills is a book artist and teacher inspired by salvaged, vintage and commonplace paper. At Scrap Paper Circus, her home studio outside Washington DC, she uses old books, cardboard boxes, envelopes and other office supplies to create one-of-a-kind journals and collaged artist books. Bel sees upcycling not just in terms of sustainability, but also as a catalyst for imagination, possibility, and adventure. She teaches her students to look at their household paper with new eyes, and they discover their homes are filled with bookmaking supplies if they know where to look. Using salvaged paper is also a way for students to let go, take risks and experiment in their bookmaking without the fear of “ruining” precious materials. This outlook infuses her books with a feeling of whimsy and delight. Students finish classes with clever, personalized journals that are fun to make and a joy to use. You can find more of Bel’s work at her website,, as well as on Instagram @scrap_paper_circus and Facebook @scrappapercircus.

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