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Barbara Close

I have always loved creating art as far back as I can remember. My second-grade teacher asked my parents if there were artists in our family—that “I showed real potential”. I didn’t really pursue the arts until I was an adult, and I just knew it was what I should be doing. When I am in sync with a piece—I can feel the rhythm—that is very important to me. It’s when I feel a ‘connection’ in the song, prose, or poetry that I work from the heart. The energy is strong and literally makes me move forward regardless of time. It is almost like zeroing in completely into a world I love. I have held with the belief that when you stay true to something you love doing, no matter how hard the path may be, it will pay off. I am fascinated with the ‘process of art making’—not always the ‘end product’. I love exploring new and different materials to create exciting pieces. I feel like I’ve been truly blessed, being able to enjoy what I do, teaching art all over the world, meeting wonderful, like-minded people and to be able to create for a living. I am a firm believer that we all need to create, we have that ability, each of us—but we need to be aware of our own paths and even more important—follow your heart and enjoy the journey.

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