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Barbara Calzolari

A member of the most important international calligraphy associations, Barbara Calzolari in 2015 was appointed Master Penman by the American association IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrosser's and Teachers of Handwriting).
Among his most prestigious calligraphic works, he collaborated in the creation of the masterwork "Deus Caritas Est", he manuscript the national anthems donated by the Italian government to the statesmen who attended the G8 Summit, and wrote three copies of the manuscript on the correspondence of Catherine de 'Medici, preserved in the Washington DC Library and the Vittoriano in Rome. She is co-author of two manuals: Corso di Calligrafia (2014) and Italic in Calligraphy (2018), both created with Alessandro Salice, published in Italy by the publisher Giunti and in several translations abroad. He regularly participates in international calligraphy conventions, both as a teacher and as a student and teaches calligraphy in Italy, Europe, America and Asia.

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