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Step & Repeat Pattern Techniques

With Michael Sull

  • Starts 13 Apr
  • 1,170 Hong Kong dollars
  • Live Online via Zoom

Available spots

Workshop Description

Step and Repeat patterns are graphic compositions composed of one or more given designs presented in such an arrangement that by duplicating the designs, the pattern can be enlarged in any direction and to any degree possible. The average person seldom thinks about this at all, and yet we see Step and Repeat patterns everyday printed or embroidered on the clothes we wear, and often in our favorite fashion accessories as well. Repeating patterns are continuously and vividly displayed in gift wrapping paper, traditional wall paper, and in the carpeting found in hotels and other commercial buildings throughout the world. In the nature of iconic repeating patterns of great beauty, perhaps the most legendary name associated with such artistic work is the 19th century British textile designer and artist William Morris (1834-1896). His remarkable work continues to captivate the attention and respect of artists and designers everywhere, and is still being reproduced today. The purpose in offering this workshop Step and Repeat patterning can be developed in various ways, and yet as common as these applications are in everyday life, it is quite rare to find instructional classes on the techniques ever being offered at calligraphic workshops, or in lettering-related publications. Brief instruction can be found on the internet, but such videos never seem to involve penmanship or calligraphic lettering. Throughout my career, being able to develop Step and Repeat patterns has enabled me to become more versatile as a professional Lettering Artist. So, while considering what subject I could offer as an online workshop program, I feel that this unique subject could well be of interest as another way to make practical use of a person’s own skills in the lettering arts. By using a combination of lettering, flourishing, and simple graphics, a person can design their own Step and Repeat patterns for gift wrap, fabric patterns for textiles and clothing, wallpaper, calligraphic border designs, background patterns for graphic design & wedding/invitation components, and frame-able works of art.

Workshop Schedule

Refund Policy

Fees paid for the workshop are non-refundable

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