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Roman Capitals

With Eleanor Winters

  • Starts 9 Dec
  • 740 Hong Kong dollars
  • Live Online via Zoom

Available spots

Workshop Description

The Roman alphabet -- or the calligraphy that we now identify as Roman Capitals -- has is origins in the "inscription capitals", i.e., the letters that were cut in stone in ancient Rome, most famously in the Trajan Inscription, dated 113 A.D. These letters form the basis of much that follows in the history of calligraphy. In this workshop, we will study the structure of these letters and see how brilliantly they follow mathematical principles, with most letters fitting into squares, half squares or three-quarter squares. We will work with pencils as well as the broad-edged pen to learn to create these beautifully shaped, elegant letterforms.

Workshop Schedule

Refund Policy

Fees paid for the workshop are non-refundable

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