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Modern Copperplate Variations

By Rachel Yallop

  • Starts Apr 24
  • 625 Hong Kong dollars
  • Online Session via Zoom

Workshop Description

I developed this style as a fun way to write humorous quotes, or for light-hearted applications like birthday cards. This playful script is generally written upright, but letters can be tilted right or left and moved up and down. There are variations to most letters too, so there isn't only one way to write a word or phrase. When writing quotes, for example, there are many design decisions to be made with how lines interact, and they can be very close set resulting in a piece with a lot of visual texture. It is an interesting script because there isn't a set angle or x-height to follow, but the general rules of where weight falls in letter strokes is the same as a formal copperplate. In this workshop we will practice all the lowercase and capital letters and look at how they can be adapted: letter shapes can change, and the style made simpler or more curvy. How letters join to one another is very adaptable and we will practice examples, then move on to word design and how simple flourishing can really help the design. Finally, we will take a look at how words can be put together to make a longer piece of text, taking advantage of the versatility of this script to pack lines closely together to make a strong visual texture. ** This workshop is open to all students and recording will be available after class for 30 days via Zoom **

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