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Inscriptional Caps with Pencil and Brush

With Amity Parks

  • Starts 13 Jan 2024
  • 1,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • Live Online via Zoom

Available spots

Workshop Description

This workshop will introduce you to a playful and naive version of Roman caps inspired by old Italian inscriptions. By looking at medieval carved panels we will study the letterforms and styles that give these letters their character. We’ll start by using pencils to design letters and interesting compositions using a short quote. These unique letterforms don’t lend themselves to broad edged pens like other Roman caps do, so we will switch to a pointed brush and water-based paints such as gouache and water color. We won't be 'writing' with the brush as many calligraphers do, but rather drawing and painting the letters. While our inspiration is ancient, these letters have a whimsical nature that will add a nice to touch to your lettering projects.

Workshop Schedule

Refund Policy

Fees paid for the workshop are non-refundable

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