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Flora On Point

By Anne Elser

  • Started Mar 27
  • 860 Hong Kong dollars
  • Online Session via Zoom

Workshop Description

Before FLORA, there was Open-Shaded Script. Open-Shaded Script constructs letterforms by describing the swell or shade made by a pointed pen with at least two contour monoline strokes, drawn in the same stroke sequence seen in traditional scripts (Round Hand, Copperplate, etc.) The second stroke of a shade or extension of a hairline acts as a mentor stroke to the previous and is meant to offer gentle correction to curves (if needed) and to suggest the growth of a flourish, all with an open heart and gentle hand. FLORA with Anne Elser was created drawing Open-Shaded Script with watercolor pencils and watercolors. This bridged the gap between drawing and painting, allowing the user to become more adept with the brush and fall deeper in love with Open-Shaded Script's unique freedom from the pressures of using a pointed pen. The beauty of pressure-sensitive watercolor pencils is that you can not only vary the pressure of your pencil strokes, but you can also wake them up with a thin brush slightly damp with water, thusly creating deeper, more intense shades of the original color. One can even load their brush by borrowing color from the tip of a watercolor pencil, introducing yet another texture to your work. Drawing and painting Open-Shaded Script and the many florals that accompany it gave the user an ease and confidence while exploring larger flourishes based off of the almighty oval - a pointed pen staple in letterforms and flourishes. The user improved both drawing and painting skills, all the while learning a little more about color theory and the effective use of warm and cool colors to describe form, whether it be that of a leaf, letter, stem, or petal. FLORA gave the user permission to explore the grace of pointed pen characteristics, without having to use one. Good and fun practice, and endless beautiful opportunities. Now comes the exciting part: Open-Shaded Script has kicked off her comfy slippers (monoline tools) and slipped her pretty feet into the sexiest of all shoes - the stiletto (a pointed pen)!!! Flora grew up a little and decided it was time to get more bang for her buck by ILLUSTRATING letters and florae with her pointed pen in a STRAIGHT holder. She draws Open-Shaded Script with the same thin hairlines that create open shades, she illustrates leaves and flowers and flourishes with easy mentor strokes, and she adds color and depth by shading lightly with the tip of her pen.

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