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Double Stroke Capitals

With Rachel Yallop

  • Starts 4 Nov
  • 740 Hong Kong dollars
  • Live Online via Zoom

Available spots

Workshop Description

Copperplate capitals are elegant letters to write and can be enhanced further by the addition of an extra line, almost like a shadow, next to the weighted strokes. I learned this technique from my esteemed colleague the late Jean Larcher. It was something he used in his work to accentuate a capital, and even applied it to lowercase letters too. There is a lot to consider when adding that extra line, and in this workshop we will look at all the ways this interesting technique can be used. • Look at double strokes in the abstract and explore how they sit together by looking at space, weight, and length. Even very small adjustments can make a big difference. • Practice some basic capital letters and how to add the second stroke. • Explore some flourished capitals and where, and how many, double strokes should be added to enhance the letters. • Practice some Yalloplate variations capitals and adding the double stroke to these simplified letter shapes. • Try using a different colour for the second ‘shadow’ stroke. • Look at how to use double stroke capitals in words, letter designs, and longer pieces.

Workshop Schedule

Refund Policy

Fees paid for the workshop are non-refundable

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