INTRODUCTION TO SPENCERIAN (03,10,17,24 APR 2021 & 01 MAY 2021)

INTRODUCTION TO SPENCERIAN (03,10,17,24 APR 2021 & 01 MAY 2021)

Spencerian is a handwriting system developed by Platt R. Spencer in the mid 1800s from which other scripts, such as Ornamental Penmanship and Business Penmanship, are derived.


In this class, we will closely examine this timeless script in its standard form.  We will carefully study the characteristics of this hand and what sets it apart from other pointed pen hands, namely Copperplate.


Once we've established confidence in basic pointed pen skills, we will work our way through a series of exercises that will prime us for the minuscules, also known as the "short letters", and the capitals.  Stroke-by-stoke, letter-by-letter, we will learn the alphabet and all the nuances that make this hand a beautiful and practical script to learn.This class is designed for beginners and seasoned calligraphers alike.


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