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Inventing New Styles of Calligraphy

By Brody Neuenschwander

Starting Date : 03 Sept 2022

Fees : HK$ 1,000 or US$ 130

Workshop Description

Class 01: Discover the Handwritmic Pen, designed by Brody Neuenschwander
In this workshop we will look at this amazingly expressive pen. BN will show you the basic strokes and arm movements so that you can create rhythmic, dancing cursive scripts. You will learn how to make let the ink fly, creating dramatic splatters and patterns of ink droplets around your letters. We will experiment with a range of styles to explore all the ways this beautiful, long-lasting pen can be used to rev up your calligraphy.
Class 02 : You Can’t Write with a Comb?! Wanna Bet!
BN will show you how to make a pen using a comb. It’s not hard, but you need to know a few tricks. With this amazing pen we will create breathtaking letters that push all black and white boundaries. The pen is great with black ink but even better with colors. After taking this unpredictable and exciting pen for a test-drive, we will combine it with the Handwritmic pen to get even more startling effects.
Before the course you will receive a link to a video showing you how to make a comb pen.
Class 03 : Time to Stop Making Boring Letters
BN likes to stir things up. He thinks that calligraphers need to be more daring, that it’s time to take calligraphy in a new direction. Brody calls his philosophy “Wrong Letters.” You can make Wrong Letters any way you like, but please don’t make them like you did yesterday. In this workshop we will use an automatic pen to explore how letterforms, serfs, weight, spacing and everything else that goes into writing can be changed. What will you get for your effort? Much more dramatic graphic shapes and a lot of fun!
Class 04 : A new approach to Pointed Brush cursive
This will be a workshop of light touches, fine finger movements and delicate brushwork. We will use a fine sable brush to write flowing, feathery cursive scripts. We will look at the basic strokes, brush position and quality of paper. After that we will “go on point” like a ballerina, using the tip of the brush and gestural movements to dance across the page.

Note to Students

  •  This is a live online workshop via Zoom (please make sure you have a Zoom account to access the workshop)

  • All live sessions will be recorded and available for 60 days following the final class.

  • All recordings expires on Friday, 25 November, 2022 at 12:00 pm Hong Kong Standard Time.

  • Student can submit homework to the discussion corner for Brody to critique.

  • Recommended supply list, handouts, zoom links and recordings are available on the workshop page three weeks (or as soon as practicable) before the first session. Click here for user guide on how to access your workshop page.

  • All workshop dates and times are according to the Hong Kong Standard Time. 

Workshop Schedule

Class 01

Saturday, 03 September, 2022

21:00 pm - 23:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Class 02

Saturday, 10 September, 2022

21:00 pm - 23:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Class 03

Saturday, 17 September, 2022

21:00 pm - 23:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Class 04

Saturday, 24 September, 2022

21:00 pm - 23:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Refund Policy

All sales are final and fees paid for the online workshop are non-refundable.

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