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Basic Monoline Italic 

With Nina Tran

Starting date : 9 December 2023

Fees : HK$ 1,000 or US$ 130

Workshop Description

Unlike skinny jeans and bellbottoms, Italic is timeless, versatile, and never goes out of fashion.


Since its development during the Italian Renaissance, Italic has undergone many transformations and variations in formality and style.  In this class, students will be learning the simplest and most practical style: basic monoline Italic.  Students can expect to learn each letter stroke by stroke, how to space them well, and some tips for simple layouts.


Day 1 - Monoline Italic Minuscules

Day 2 - Monoline Roman Capitals

Workshop & Office Hour Schedule

Lesson 1

Saturday, 9 December, 2023

09:00 am - 13:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Lesson 2

Sunday, 10 December, 2023

09:00 am - 13:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

OH 1

Thursday, 14 December, 2023

22:00 pm - 23:00 pm (Hong Kong Standard Time)

Note to Students

  • This is a live online workshop via Zoom (please make sure you have a Zoom account to access the workshop)

  • All live lessons will be recorded and available for 90 days following the final lesson.

  • All recordings expires on Wednesday, 14 February, 2024 at 12:00 pm Hong Kong Standard Time.

  • Recommended supply list, handouts, zoom links and recordings are available on the workshop page three weeks (or as soon as practicable) before the first session. Click here for user guide on how to access your workshop page.

  • All workshop dates and times are according to the Hong Kong Standard Time.

Recommended workshop supplies

Refund Policy

  • All sales are final and fees paid for the online workshop are non-refundable.

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